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The only software that tells you
what to do BEFORE it happens.

Objective and consistent trading
using pattern recognition.


Automatic Elliott Wave analysis


Clear reports showing you exactly
what to expect


Powerful scanning for bullish
and bearish stocks


Easy to use with the press of a button

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ELWAVE® 10.1

ELWAVE is the premiere automated real-time Elliot Wave software, offering fully labeled charts, projecting targets and exits, trend channels and a Summary that gives a clear and concise overview of signals on multiple time frames.

On top of that you get a charting engine optimized for use with Elliott Wave based trading and a myriad of features such as real-time alerts, extensive scripting capabilities including custom indicators and easy to use, template based, realtime Alerts and Conditions, Scanning and much, much more.

ELWAVE 10 adds Condition Scripts which can be used for instance to define additional entry or exit criteria, such as a trailing-stop, to be used in combination with Elliott Wave based signals. The new Action Scripts allow you to create scripts that connect ELWAVE to other programs (for example your broker's trading interface)1
Broker's trading interface must be programmatically accessible, for example through .NET, COM or other technologies that are accessible through the Microsoft .NET framework
. In addition ELWAVE 10 offers vastly improved multi-monitor support and numerous other enhancements.

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