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ELWAVE Automatic

Make it count, every day ...

Together with the Trading Signals module, the Automatic module is the pulsing heart of the software. It does exactly what you would like it to do. It analyzes the price data fully automatically according to the Elliott Wave Principle, so you are not hindered by the complexity of this methodology.
On the contrary, now you have the opportunity to use its power for your trading or longer term investments.
Watch the software research every combination of waves to find the best outcome! It is fascinating...

Together with the Trading Signals module the software will present crystal-clear forecasts in the so called Summary Inspector!

In general ELWAVE is regarded as the best Elliott engine available on the market. Why ? Because of its analysis accuracy, detail and speed. And above all, its clear presentation of signals on multiple time frames. Short term or longer term, depending on the time frame you are looking at.


For expert users it is possible to analyze every wave in the chart even deeper step by step, but probably you will not need this option.You may also use your own count as a starting point for automatic analysis or have ELWAVE analyze a specific section of the chart. What's more, it is the only Elliott Wave software that tells you exactly why a particular wave count is preferred, comparing scores of alternatives and showing all rules and guidelines that apply.

It comes with 2 different sets of rules, Modern and Classic. The Classic rules define the patterns the way Elliott himself did, while the Modern rules incorporate the latest extensive research and newly found patterns, but still based on the rock solid foundation as defined by Elliott.
Another important difference is that the Modern rules generate more agressive signals. They already warn you in a retrace of wave 2 that a trading opportunity arises!