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ELWAVE 7.5b release notes


Release date 7.5a:  January 26, 2005
Release date 7.5b: February 10, 2005 (maintenance release)
Platforms:       Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This release of ELWAVE 7.5a contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Vastly improved analysis engine
    This releaseof ELWAVE features a vastly improved analysis engine which generates even better signals than before. Selection of the preferred wave count is also improved.

  • Improved support for eSignal
    Support for eSignal has been made more robust. There is now also a 'Use local cache' check box which you can uncheck to force ELWAVE to reload all data for a symbol from the eSignal servers in case of data errors such as spikes or gaps.

  • Additional target in Summary Inspector
    In addition to the normal 'conservative' target the Summary Inspector now also display an extended target based on a higher target projection ratio. Depending on your style of trading you may prefer on or the other. The extend target is shown in the chart as an open diamond (the normal target is shown as a closed diamond).

  • Current pattern targets display
    Targets for the currently selected wavecount/pattern are now drawn with a horizontal line extending to the last bar of the chart. The ratio and price value of the target are also displayed (you can switch this on and off throug View|Targets).

  • Exit All function
    An 'Exit All' function has been added to ELWAVE which will not only close ELWAVE but also the UDS ServerFeed data server component and RLogApp error reporting utility

Several other minor bugs were fixed as well. Note: From this release on we will no longer support Windows 95. Please do not try to install this version on Windows 95 systems.

How to upgrade

If you have a service contract, please send an email to Prognosis with your software's Serial Number to receive your free upgrade license key if you haven't received it already.

If you do not have a service contract, please use our order page to upgrade to version 7.5. You will receive a new license key by email after we have processed your order.

ELWAVE 7.5 can be downloaded from our protected download pages.