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ELWAVE® 9.2b2 release notes    
  Release date:
February 11, 2010
Windows XP/Vista/7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine

Fixes a minor speed issue on some systems.

ELWAVE® 9.2b release notes    
  Release date:
January 18, 2010
Windows XP/Vista/7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine

For an overview of previously added features check the ELWAVE 9.2 Release Notes as well as the release notes for subsequent updates. This release of ELWAVE® 9.2 contains the following fixes and enhancements.

  • Fixed TimeCluster indicator not displaying when set to 'filter'
  • Fixed problem with detection and installation of MetaTrader 4 support
  • Improved handling of certain system errors in Batch Processor
  • Fixer problem with Expert Advisor asking to analyze the chart even though it had already been analyzed
  • Fixed display of starting data for charts that were loaded with 'All' data
  • Significantly improved responsiveness of user interface while importing data in the background and while batch procesing.
  • Significantly improved efficiency on quad and 8 core systems
  • Improved display of Target Clusters on charts with a gradient as the background
  • Increased history support for eSignal
  • Several improvements to TradeStation support
  • Fixed Custom Indicator editor which would not work on some systems
  • Fixed multi-selection problem in Select Symbol window (Chart|New Chart...)
  • For IB symbols an optional fifth argument <FLAGS> can be given with the following optional flags:


  • TRADES (default)
  • MIDPOINT (default for CASH)
  • BID
  • ASK


  • 1 (default) - Show only data within the regular trading hours
  • 0 - Show data outside of regular trading hours

To specify <FLAGS> all four preceding arguments must be given explicitly.
If symbol search is used then select one of the symbols and <FLAGS> can directly be appended to it.
Flags can be combined with semicolon ;
Example: GCG0/NYMEX/FUT/USD/whatToShow=TRADES;useRTH=0



ELWAVE® 9.2 release notes


Release date:

November 23, 2009
Windows XP/Vista/7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine

More information on the new features can be found below.

  • New customers please order your copy of ELWAVE® here.

  • If you have a service contract, you should have received new license info for version 9.2 by email. If you have not received your license info yet, please let us know.

  • If you purchased or upgraded to ELWAVE 9.2 after March 1, 2008 you are entitled to a free upgrade to version 9.2 If you have not yet received your license info, please let us know.

  • If you are an existing users of ELWAVE but do not have a service contract, you can order your upgrade here. Be sure to enter your serial number (and license key if you have a dongle) using the link provided on that page.

This release of ELWAVE® 9.2 contains the following enhancements:

  • Added support for TradeStation®
    (requires UDS ServerFeed module)
    For more information please consult the Using ELWAVE® with TradeStation® manual, accessible through the ELWAVE® 9.2 Help menu (if TradeStation® was present on your system during installation of ELWAVE®).
    TradeStation® is a registered trademark of TradeStation Technologies, Inc.

  • Added support for Google™ finance historical data
    A free end-of-day historical data service, similar to Yahoo and MSN.

  • Added support for Mubasher Pro مباشربرو
    (requires UDS ServerFeed module)
    Mubasher is a well known real-time data vendor in the Arab region, available in and covering the exchanges of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.
    Read the ELWAVE 9.2 Releases that come with the software for instructions on use.

  • New ‘Band’ graph type for custom indicator
    With the new ‘Band’ graph type you can graphically combine two formulas within a single (custom) indicator so that the area between the lines indicates by these two formulas is filled with a pattern and color that depends which of the two formulas is the higher as shown in the example to the right. Note that both formulas must be set to Band type in order for the setting to take effect.
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot

  • New Fibonacci Trend and Retrace Rulers
    Quickly and easily visualize projections and retracements manually with these two new chart objects. Simply drag on or the other onto your chart and set the reference points to instantly see the projections or retracements.
    For the Fibonacci Trend Rules you need to set two reference points to define the reference length and a third point to indicate from where to start the projection.
    For the Fibonacci Retrace Ruler the second reference point automatically become the start for the retracement projection.
    Time and price projection can be enabled separately for both Trend and Retracement Fibonacco rulers. In addition you can customize the ratios to be visualized by right-clicking on the Fibonacci Ruler on the chart and selecting Properties from the popup menu.
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot

  • New Comment chart object
    With the new Comment chart object you can quickly and easily annotate your charts. The message box can be placed and sized freely relative to the actual date/time/price reference.
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot

  • Tabbed interface for charts
    At the top of the chart area you will now find tabs for all opened charts (provided your current chart is maximized), allowing quick and easy access to all your open charts.

  • Dedicated caption, resize border and close buttons to Wave Tree, Wave Inspector, Summary Inspector and Alert view windows

  • TriggerLine and TrendLine now have default ‘Play Sound’ action

  • Chart objects now automatically selected upon creation
    To reduce the number of clicks needed to properly place chart objects with multiple ‘handles’, such as trendlines, targets, chartobjects are now automatically pre-selected when you drag them onto a chart. This way their handles are immediately visible and can be manipulated without first having to click to select the object after dragging it.

  • New ‘Import…’ symbols feature in Edit ScanList
    If you have a list of symbols available in the correct format for your data provider in a text file, you can use the new Import… feature to add these symbols to your scan lists to save the effort of having to type them in manually.

  • Treat consecutive separators as one option added to ASCII import
    To expand the ASCII formats which can be imported we have added an option to turn off treatment of consecutive separators as one. This was and still is the default and is the correct choice in most cases.

  • Default colors for chart object
    Color changes applied to chart objects now become the default color for subsequently created chart objects of the same type.

  • For an overview of previously added features check the ELWAVE® 9.1 release notes

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