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ELWAVE® 9.5e release notes    
  Release date:
March 30, 2011
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine

Added Spanish program interface and user manuals
Fixed crash when closing a chart
Fixed rounding error in spike correction code
Fixed another problem related to spike correction
Fixed connection state bug in low-level networking code (used by UDS)
Fixed Wave Tree increasing in size on every start, causing it to 'creep' to the right
Fixed Comment and other Chart objects such as trend lines not signalling a file change
Fixed Alert Window causing a crash when clicking an alert referring to an already closed chart
Fixed DDE no longer working
Fixed crash caused by Data Window when closing a chart
Fixed swingfilter error message when select small wave degree waves in Wave Tree
Fixed background analysis update affecting and interfering with display of actual chart
Fixed positioning of charts when restored through a Screen
Improved positioning (cascading) of newly created charts
Fixed crash right after analysis completion
Fixed problem with historical data request in Yahoo/Google
Fixed assertion message related to drawing
Fixed display of custom compression amount and EquiRange
Fixed import of 'ELWAVE native' ASCII .prn files
Fixed crash when closing chart during an analysis update
Fixed ASCII import 'skip first ... lines' feature not working correctly
Fixed 'Calculation domain error' message in statusbar during analysis
Improved analysis engine to better cope with (sub)wave counts on a limited number of bars
Fixed problem with function/global parameter tabs in custom indicator
Fixed several other minor issues


ELWAVE® 9.5c release notes    
  Release date:
December 3, 2010
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine

Fixed screen update problems that would occur some time after opening a Volume pane or any indicator using the Histogram graph style.
ELWAVE® 9.5a release notes    
  Release date:
November 9, 2010 (revision a)
October 19, 2010 (original release)
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine

User interface:

  • Instant in-chart navigation
    Zooming and scrolling can now be done instantly from within the chart without having to use the popup menu:
    • Zoom in/out gradually by rotating the mouse scrollwheel or in fixed increments by clicking the scrollwheel
    • Zoom in by just dragging the mouse around an area (which should not contain any manually placed chart objects): left-click→drag→release
    • Scrolling by right-clicking the mouse and dragging
    • Zooming is now done in a smooth animated fashion which aids orientation

  • Birds Eye View window
    The all new Birds Eye View window provides an overview of the entire date range loaded into ELWAVE and provides and alternative means to navigate (zoom & scroll) around your chart.

    The birds eye window also provides the following features:
    • Clear indication of the date range currently showing in the active chart
    • Zoom in instantly on any date range using left-click→drag→release on the Birds Eye View window
    • Expand or reduce the date range in the active chart by grabbing and dragging the edges of the Birds Eye View 'date range shown' area indicator
    • Scroll by grabbing the bottom halve of the 'date range shown' area indicator
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot 

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the new navigation features including the Birds Eye View

  • Data Window
    The all new Data Window shows date/time/pointer OHLC and indicator* values for the bar under the cursor
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot

  • Vertical gridlines
    Vertical gridlines are now displayed for both major and minor x-axis labels. The display of major and minor gridlines is adjusted dynamically depending on the date range and labels that are visible. Vertical grid lines can be turned off through View|Vertical grid lines.

  • Improved x-axis labeling
    Date/time labels are now more regular and consistent while zooming and scrolling.

  • Taskbar thumbnails
    Added support for Windows 7 Taskbar thumbnails and Aero Peek Preview.
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot

  • Updated toolbar icons
    The visual appearance of toolbar icons has been improved. Draggable objects are now displayed with a drop-shadow:
    new toolbar icons

  • Target Clusters button
    The Target Clusters button can now be used to toggle automatic display of target clusters on and off

  • Scan Inspector multi-select
    Enabled multi-select in Scan Inspector 'Edit Scan List'  to allow quick removal of multiple symbols

  • Quote Monitor multi-select
    Enabled multi-select in Quote Monitor 'Edit Layout' to quickly add/remove fields

  • Quote Monitor column dragging
    Enabled column/field re-ordering through dragging in QuoteMonitor 'Edit Layout'

  • Chart background color gradient control
    Replaced Gradient checkbox in Price Chart properties dialog with Gradient effect slider to allow customing the intensity of the gradient effect.

Data feeds and handling:

  • Updated DTN IQFeed support
    Support for DTN IQFeed has been updated to use the latest version of the DNT IQFeed data interface and now also includes symbol browsing.

  • Enhanced ASCII import capabilities
    Added Skip leading separators options to ASCII import dialog.

  • Real-time datafeed status reporting
    Improved status reporting of real-time data feeds, especially in case of connection problems and especially with regard to eSignal.

  • Improved auto-reconnect
    Improved auto-connect capabilities for several data feeds in case of connection problems.

  • Open/Save dialogs
    Updated all Open and Save dialogs to use the new common dialog style.

  • Chart|New Chart... dialog resizable
    The Chart|New chart... (Select Symbol) dialog is now resizable to make it easier to browse through long lists of symbols.

  • Improved automatic tick correction
    Improved the algorithm used to detect false ticks (mainly spikes).

Custom indicators:

  • Improved appearance
    The appearance  of (custom) indicator has been improved through the use of anti-aliasing (Windows Vista and Windows 7 only), resulting in smoother, less jagged lines.

  • Formula parameter type
    Formulas now have a new Formula parameter type which can be used to pass a specific Formula (function) as a parameter to another Formula (technically known as a delegate  in .NET).

    For example the pre-defined custom indicator MACD now has a parameter MA which can be set to either SMA or EMA by selecting these from a dropdown list of compatible formulas. Formerly indicators that need a formula argument needed to use a string parameter holding the name of the formula to use and corresponding if-statements in the indicator script code to select the appropriate formula. The resulting script code is much cleaner and easier to follow.
    Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot

  • Custom Indicator (global) parameters
    To simplify dealing with indicators that use multiple Formulas which might share some values, custom indicator designers can now define parameters for the Indicator as a whole. The formulas in that indicator can refer to these Indicator 'global' parameters by selecting them from a dropdown box. Symbol Search screenshotSymbol Search screenshot
  • Indicator Import/Export buttons
    Indicators can now be imported and exported easily using dedicated Import and Export buttons

  • Ichimoku indicator
    The Ichimoku indicator has been added as a pre-defined custom indicator. Illustrates the use of the 'band' graph type introduced with version 9.2

  • Stochastic indicator
    Added Stochastic as a pre-defined custom indicator, illustrating the new Indicator (global) parameters feature. Still available as a non-scripted indicator as well.

  • Formula labels
    Each formula used in an indicator can now have its own  label which is used when displaying the Indicator in non-design mode and in the Data Window. For example the Alligator indicator uses three instances of the AlligatorComponent formula and with this version these instanced are named Jaw, Teeth and Lips instead of them all being referred to as AlligatorComponent.
    A formula label can also be made completley empty to prevent it from showing up in the Data Window. This is done for example in the RSI custom indicator which uses two ConstantValue formula's to display the signal lines at 30 and 70

*Data Window works with custom indicators (user or pre-defined) only. Legacy indicators will be phased out, future versions of ELWAVE will only be using the custom indicator engine. Almost all legacy indicators are now available as pre-defined custom indicators.    
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